Sunday, April 19, 2009

Morten nailed the espresso. More cups to come.

Fantastic Morten ! Morten ended at 14 th place in total, that is impressing. According to two of the judges he pulled the best espresso of the day !

Congatulations, this is a fantastic result. We are very proud of you !

So bear that in mind Morten, "best espresso of the day ". You are in very good company.
See flickr for more photos.

Yesterday was also the time for the US and Canadian Cup Tasting Championships with the US finals taking place today. I took some photos of the scoreboard if you want to see the results).
But most af all, if you are in Atlanta, remember to come by and see the final today !


The Coffee Collective said...

The best espresso of the day is not a smaller compliment to Morten after the grand finale. Since on that day Morten was up against both, Gwilym, Colin and Michael!

Klaus Thomsen said...

But I think that was a comment from *one* judge - and each judge only judges 6 competitors on a day, if I remember correctly - so it's not necessarily comparable