Friday, April 17, 2009

...and now over to the show !

Iceland- Palmer Thor Hlodversson

Leaving the Symposium with my head full of thoughts, I rushed over to the big SCAA show and the WBC. 
This days competion was nearly over when I arrived, but I did get the chance to see Iceland compete- a lot of fun with interesting signature drink and a very entertaining performance in all. 

On the balcony  the finnish crew was watching, so it was 
a nice oppurtunity to hear about their expectations for the next day and about coffee in Finland.

Finland- Mikko Haahti

During these days there will be so manydedicated people to talk to, it is impossible to see all old and new friends in such a short time and even harder to summarize it here.

Fortunately there are some people doing a good job spreading information. The two old champions Stephen and James are some of the MC´s keeping us here in the audience informed of what is happening, very assuring.

Stephen Morrisey (to the left)
 James Hoffman

Make sure to follow the offiial site for WBC and Barista Magazine blog for full and extremely updated coverage. 

Congatulations Barista Mag ! This fine magazine turned 4 years old today.

...and later in the evening a large portion of the 
baristas gathered at Octane (a coffebar in Atlanta) for a latte art throwdown. 

Good day.

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