Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WBC 2007 Tokyo

I will be heading off to Tokyo this Saturday for the 2007 World Barista Championship. It is going to be really exciting to see the competition and not have to worry about a thing :-) A lot of great baristas are going to present some outstanding performances - amongst others the Danish representative; our friend Lene Hyldahl from Behag Din Smag in Aalborg.
Good luck Lene!
Of course this also means my days as the current WBC champion are about to come to an end. "The title is for life" is what I'm told, but at the same time I am happy to look ahead and see TheCoffeeCollective unfold. It has been a great year as 'the champ' but I feel we're at the beginning of something even greater.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sample roaster

Our sample roaster has arrived! It’s a Roure drum roaster with an electronic heating element and cooling bin with rotating arms. It comes from Spain but is built like a German tank.
We've roasted our way through 12 samples of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees and we're very satisfied with the results.

Green coffee samples are sent from growers, brokers or exporters in small bags - usually 200 g. each. To roast such a small amount you need a specific roaster. A lot of the small sample roasters don't allow for any (real) adjustment of the heat, so the result from a sample roaster can be very different than what you will get on a larger roaster.

Consistency is very important when sample roasting as you might have several coffees from the same region or cooperative from which you have to choose one to buy. If one is roasted darker or lighter than the others it will be difficult to evaluate and compare the taste of that one.

What is TheCoffeeCollective ?

Behind every cup of really good coffee there is a chain of dedicated people - the farmer, the roast master and the barista. TheCoffeeCollective is formed by four people from the specialty coffee community - all with a background in the craftsmanship of the barista. The four founders are Peter Dupont, Linus Törsäter, Casper Engel and Klaus Thomsen.

The objective of TheCoffeeCollective is to create a platform where we can meet people from all three links in the chain. Together we want to explore possibilities of creating extraordinary coffee sensations. TheCoffeeCollective offers consultancy services including barista training and delivers freshly roasted specialty coffee to coffee shops and cafés from our own roastery.

This blog is a way for us to really start where we think it is important - in dialog with other people interested in or working with coffee.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Homepage & blog

Our homepage is being constructed, in the meantime this blog is where you will find most info.
When the homepage is done, this blog will still exist as a forum and day-to-day info source.
The homepage will be up sometime in august.

You might find the address to the homepage more convenient when you refer to us (people will always find the blog going through there anyway):

Saturday, July 14, 2007

14th of July, day of the french revolution and inauguration of blog

So here we are, you will be able to to follow what is going on here.

And we hope you will be a part of it.