Saturday, February 28, 2009

Off to Kenya

Today Peter took off to Kenya where he'll spend the coming week visiting the Ndaroini mill and search for a possible Direct Trade partner. He's meeting up with our colleague from Norway Tim Wendelboe and hopefully we can cooperate on getting this coffee to the North.

Peter will tell more about his trip once he's home, and he's promised that he will take a lot of pictures.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Danish Barista Champion: Morten

Congratulations to the new Danish Barista Champion Morten Winther Vestenaa from Sigfreds Kaffebar in Århus!

Morten will represent Denmark at the WBC in Atlanta later this year. We know he'll get great support from his wonderful colleagues at Sigfred's. Morten used our espresso and dark roast Idido, Aricha Microlot #6 in his presentation.

You are welcome to join us this evening at 1900 hours to celebrate Morten's victory at Jægersborggade.

Update: Pictures on DR and TV clip from TV2 Lorry

Monday, February 23, 2009

Danish Barista Championship 2009

Tomorrow the semi-final kicks off for the Danish Barista Championship 2009.
Wednesday is the grand finale.

Rumours has it that 8 baristas will compete (although it might just be 6).
Judges come from Iceland (Miss Sonja Grant), Sweden (Mr. Matts Johanson), Italy (Silvia I think), Greece (Alex), Lebanon (Joe Hayek) to help find the next Danish Barista Champion. Three of the baristas that are competing will be using our espresso blend, so cross your fingers for them! Or even better: Come cheer them on!

You need a ticket to enter, since the competition is being held as part of the TEMA 09 fair.
It takes place at Bella Centret:

Vis stort kort

You can read more at the SCAE site and probably EspressoBar will be a good source for updates.

Good luck to all the competing baristas!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yeaa... One year in Jægersborggade!

On sunday the 15 of february we have had our Roastery and Coffee workshop in Jægersborggade for one year.
Therefor we would love to invite all who read this to drop by this sunday for a cup of coffee, a piece of cake and maybe something more..!

(here a little trip down memory lane!)

Our location in Kastrup just after our very first roast

Just after opening up in Jægersborgsgade

Dark Dark Dark dropped by and played a couple of numbers....lovely music

Edwin came to Copenhagen and talked about how they produce their wonderful coffee

Loads of lovely people visited during WBC

Look forward to seeing you all.

Love from the whole Collective

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daterra Brazil, came today

Today we received a quite large shipment from one of our oldest collaborators:

The Daterra farm in Brazil !

It is their latest crop of Daterra Sweet Collection that is now in our hands. It started snowing just before and during our unloading and that goes very well with the taste of this coffee, it felt like it was snowing sugar.

Before we forget-thank you Chris for helping carrying tons today. Chris M White is a an extremely nice friend to have when you are anxiuos to get things done. Having Kiwis carrying brazilian coffee is a good mix.

When you often get the chance to taste good coffee, you tend to descibe it sweet. In fact, it is good idea to be a bit reserved with the expression "sweet" when you taste speciality coffee on a high level, just because that most good coffees have a sweetness (for example, we know norwegian cuppers who have banned the word from their sessions just because it is somewhat general sometimes).

But this won´t stop us from bringing out what is remarkable about Daterra and their Sweet Collection. There are actually many things that makes this coffee what it is, and it has many nuances that caracterizes it.

We won´t talk about that this time- we take the liberty to be simpleminded for once.
It is sweet.
When we cupped this crop, we actually concluded that we never had tasted anything sweeter. It will be slighty different now that we are going to try it out in larger scale. We are still confident that this will be an extrodinary experience.
Casper was on fire when he came home after his trip to Daterra last august, now the rest of us are going to get the chance to feel the taste of carnaval in Minas.

Beijinhos doces !


Webshop changes

First of all- thank you for showing such an interest in our webshop. We never thought we would get such a good response on selling coffee over the internet.
There are several thing we want to improve to make it easier for you to get fresh roasted coffee to your home. There are some things coming up in the future, but for right now there is just one thing.

We will focus all our efforts on shipping 1 day per week. This may not sound as an improvement, but it actually is. In the past we have been trying to sending several days per week, but it had many disadvantages for everybody. There could be inconsistent deliverytimes for you as customer, some people got the impression that the coffee was coming earlier or later than they thought.
Some orders had to be shipped so fast that it was hard to keep track and very easy to make mistakes.

So from now on we ship all our weborders on tuesday afternoon. If you place your order at 12 on tuesdays, we will get it sent in the same afternoon. But you can of course still place your order any time you prefer.

A little reminder, we recommend our coffees for french press to rest 3-4 days at least after roasting date to bring out the aromas in the best way. For our espresso we recommend 2 weeks.

Thursday, February 5, 2009