Thursday, April 16, 2009

Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia

The Symposium is a very ambitious seminarsession that starts before the SCAA show.
We are here to see what we can learn from this years Symposium.

You never know what to expect from this kind of events, the program can be ever so extensive or minimal, the outcome is never sure. In this case it proved to be the best oppurtunity for us as roastercompany, but it probably is just as interesting for many other type of  actors in the Speciality Coffee as well.
The lin-eup really makes you humble. Very informative and well prepared lecturers and moderators. Enthousiastic and legendary persons among the attendees.
The topics.
Very detailed in their specific field but at the same time, very often the dicussion goes up on a macrolevel just minutes after you were on a microlevel.

For example, there was today a seminar about cup quality in Rwanda. The initial question was quite simple- "why does this coffee taste so good?". A large question which was disected down to a number of factors involving everything from a quite spectacular way to m
inimize the time between picking and wetprocessing to a very detailed geografic database containing facts about temperature, altitude etc.

And this is what makes this Symnposium special to me. No matter how detailed and scientific resarch someone is presenting, we always get back to this simple question, why does this coffee
TASTE so good? 

It is the essence of what we are working on at The Coffee Collective. And there are very few other forums were you can get such god answers to this.

So it is definately worth it to attend the Symposium, there is no doubt.

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