Monday, May 30, 2011

World Barista Championship 2011

Thursday 2nd of June untill Sunday 5th Bogotá, Columbia will host the World Barista Championship 2011. We are very proud to have Anne-Stine and her team (Sara and Klaus) representing Denmark at the Championship.

Training in Bogotá

We will celebrate the event by offering You to taste Anne-Stines espresso in the Coffee Shop - just ask for her espresso (its also great in cappuccino)!

From Thursday we will live stream from the Championships at the Coffee Shop. We will live stream all the competitors within our normal working hours!

If you are not able to come to the coffee shop you can watch the live stream here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Time !

Tomorrow we leave for the 2011 World Barista Championship in Bogotá, Colombia !

We know we haven't been blogging much about AnneStine's presentation since the Danish Championship, but rest assured that she is well prepared and ready to go.

With the great support from Edwin Martinez of Finca Vista Hermosa we managed to get some boxes of this year's fresh crop flown in to Copenhagen a few weeks ago. We have been able this year to cup 14 different microlots from Edwin, from which we've decided to buy 3. The lot AnneStine will bring to the WBC is called Cypresal, and is actually the same microlot she had picked for the Danish Championship. We've been dialing in the roast, cupping like crazy and AnneStine has made us a LOT of espressos from it. It's turned out beautiful and now we're really excited to taste it on Bogotá water at 2.600 meters!

Edwin at Finca Vista Hermosa in February

Edwin Martinez

AnneStine is right now packing all her stuff and checking her lists. It's always unbelievable to see how much stuff the baristas need to bring for this competition. It's taken AnneStine's faithful coach and helper, Sara (Bar Manager at our coffee shop) a lot of time to simply organize the logistics around this whole thing. Getting a Robur 110V version to Bogota isn't so easy, when you're in Europe. But we've gotten great support from a lot of people, both here in Denmark, in the US and locally in Colombia. So now things are all good to go.

Yesterday we had the (very last) Grand Rehearsal for AnneStine and were so lucky to have some really good people to come judge. Big thanks to Björg from Café Europa, Yara from Estate Coffee and Troels from Kontra for coming in and acting judges. We can't think of a better opportunity to test AnneStine's nerves and get some final feedback on the whole presentation.

Tomorrow we leave for Bogotá. We're very excited. "We" unfortunately is not the whole collective. As much as we wish we could all go, our travel budget is spent on visiting the farmers we buy from, and someone needs to make sure there's coffee available for our customers here in Copenhagen. So besides AnneStine will be Sara and Klaus. We hope others will support them in cheering loudly.

We look forward to see everyone at the WBC and for those of you stuck at home, you will be able to watch the Live Streaming of the WBC at The Coffee Collective! More details will follow.

AnneStine is set to compete on the first day of the WBC, June 2nd at 11:06 Bogotá time - that's 18:06 Danish time. We're sure we'll be able to hear the roaring crowd across the globe!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Crop Kieni

The fresh crop from Kenya has arrived!

We're very excited to be able to present coffee from the Kieni wet mill again this year. It's the first time we've bought coffee from the same wet mill two years in a row in Kenya, and we're very excited about it. Our wish is to build a relationship with the farmers we buy from, and shopping around every year for a new coffee isn't going to do that. So when Casper and Klaus were in Kenya in January and cupped many different coffees, they were glad to find that Kieni this year was the best on the tables for us.

Cupping, CKCM, Nyeri, Kenya

We hope you would like to go back to January on our blog and (re-)read our post from the trip:



The latter one contains a lot of information on this particular coffee for those of you that want to know more.

The taste profile of this years lot is very similar to that of last year, as we also noted when we cupped it down there. But the fresh crop of course tastes... well... fresher! Much more pronounced acidity and sweeter. We're also getting a lot more gooseberry aromas on top of the blackcurrant, and the intensity of the aromas are spectacular.

The coffee is available from today in our coffee shop and online.

Mugaga Society - Kieni Factory

Friday, May 13, 2011

BREWDOWN Thursday 19th May 19-21hs

This time we will focus entirely on brewing techniques. No milk.

Torfi Torfason (who recently won the danish Brewers Cup) will guide us through the some simple but often forgotten methods to do really good coffee.

There will also be a small competition for the brave ones. 

...and a lot of chances to mingle with your barista collegues that we hope will come from all over town- everyone is welcome ! 

BREWDOWN Thursday 19th May 19-21hs
at The Coffee Collective 
Jægersborggade 10