Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nordic Coffee Map

Our friend Jeppe (the boyfriend of the 2007 Danish Barista Champion Lene Hyldahl, and co-owner of Behag Din Smag in Ålborg) has created a Nordic Espresso Map for all you foreign people who will be visiting Scandinavia for the World Barista Championship.

Link to the Nordic Espresso Map

Zoom in on Copenhagen for more detailed view to find some places to get you daily cup while away from home.

We look forward to welcoming all the SCAE and WBC visitors from around the world to Copenhagen!


Lene said...

Thanks guys for posting a link to my espresso map. Hope people will comment when they have visited the places. I havent been to all of them, but had a little help from competent friends - thanks. Hope more good places will get on to the map from across the Nordic countries.

By the way, does your blog have a RSS feed - so that I can see all new posts on my iGoogle ?

See you on Thursday - Thanks Jeppe

Anonymous said...

Thank you. We will visit some of the places next week! Kind regards, ChristianK

Anonymous said...

Thank you Klaus.
See you Denmark.~!

Anonymous said...

Hi Klaus

I'm a Thais fan will see you at your place.

See you and thank you for your map