Saturday, June 21, 2008

Casper is World Cup Tasting Champion!

Casper has just won the Cup Tasting Championship!
He aced the first round in 1 minute 19 seconds, had one incorrect in the semi-finale and then in in the finals he probably set a new record for speed with all 8 correct in around 1:46! The other two finalists had 4 out of 8, so with two cups still to be lifted it was already clear that Casper had won.


Billede af Roed - EspressoBar


Luca said...

Congratulations; that is an utterly mind boggling result. 8/8 isn't that impressive, but 23/24 is insane. My palate is shot after two rounds.

MoBak said...

Casper was SO cool during the championship. Not only had he 23/24 right. He spent around 5 minutes altogether for the three rounds! Only once or twice he seemed to be a little in doubt!

Congratulations Casper!!

Kiril said...

Casper for president :) haha congrats ... one more trophy for coffee collective

Unknown said...

Congratulations Casper!

The rest of the coffee world must be trembling with fear of the awesome power The Coffee Colletive - Resistance is futile


samuli said...

major congrats!
his skillz are truly amazing but i'm sure some of the superpowers came from the neon cap on his head (word has it that he lived on unsalted oat porridge and water for a week before the contest).

Anonymous said...

wow -tillykke Casper

MoBak said...

And now I just received a text on my mobile, that TCC just won the SCAE Young Entrepeneur Award! Again CONGRATS!!!

Ben Kaminsky said...

Oh man, like you guys needed another champion in your ranks! How jealous am I! Congratulations to you Casper and the rest of you for winning the Y.E.A. The rest of us kneel before your glory.

Anonymous said...

- to Casper. Yours results were impressive and it was very exciting to follow the tasting competition.
- to Peter, Linus, Claus and Casper for winning the YEA. Keep your feet at the earth as so far!

Greetings from Hvalsoe.

Anonymous said...

FAST CASPER... You make it look easy and with so much class. Well deserved my friend, congratulations! Thank you for being such a kind and generous host. I look forward to seeing you in Guate some day.

Mads Jarner said...

Awesome competition to witness. Pretty amazing tastebuds he must have.

The rumour says that he ate curry 3 days before the competition, so I think the unsaltes oat porridge must be another rumour :)

Congratulations to Casper and as well to Edwin Martinez form fincavistahermosa for making it to the final 7. And thank you for a very nice presentation tuesday evening at the collective.

Mads, DK