Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WBC days

What are the collective doing during WBC and SCAE Wonderful Coffee?

Well, the coffee shop is open as usual except on Sunday where we'll be closing down the shop during the finals of the WBC. We've had a great many of our international coffee friends visiting us and look forward to welcoming even more.

As an official sponsor of the World Barista Championship our espresso blend will be available at the WBC Charity Café located right next to the WBC competition area (booth 191).

On Thursday Klaus will be at the Astoria booth (#188) making coffees on their new machine. Linus will take over on friday and saturday. Swing by for a collective espresso!

Thursday at 12.22 Søren Stiller Markussen will represent Denmark as competitor number 3. His prep-time starts at 12.04 and we suggest to get there in good time as there will no doubt be plenty Danish people to cheer him on. We're proud to have Søren use our coffee for his presentation and wish him the best of luck.

On friday around 1300 hours the SCAE Danish Chapter has organized a tour of Copenhagen Coffee Spots that will come to visit us on Jægersborggade. At the SCAE Denmark stand (booth #10) in the corner opposite the WBC area it will be possible to sign up for the tour. At the same stand you can also taste coffee from several Danish roasteries including ourselves and meet last years Danish champion Lene Hyldahl, who competed in Tokyo.

Saturday is the big World Cup Tasting Championship day. Casper is competing on behalf of Denmark (see here for his win of the Danish championship - that was before he grew a mustache). The competition starts around 9.30 - Casper don't know yet what time he is competing, so make sure to be there from the early morning with Danish flags, horns and lots of cheering-spirit!

Saturday evening we will be attending the SCAE Awards Dinner. Place still to be announced (or else we just couldn't find it anywhere. If you know where it is drop us a comment!). We're nominated for the SCAE Young Entrepeneurs Award, so please, cross your fingers for us.

Sunday, as mentioned, we'll close down the shop and go watch the WBC finals. Who will be there? We're not even gonna speculate on names, since there's SO many great baristas in the WBC this year. Good luck to all!

To wrap up the WBC the barista party on Sunday night at Café Europa will be a not-to-miss event. By then you can probably find us all lying in the Storkespringvandet with a beer in hand :-)

We look forward to a great WBC and to see everyone we know!

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