Thursday, June 7, 2012

A short introduction to Torfi

A few weeks ago one of our baristas won the Danish Barista Championship. Today we had his grand rehearsal before going to the WBC and we thought we should probably introduce him a little better to the readers of this blog.

His name is Torfi Þór Torfason. Yes, that's not a traditional Danish name. Torfi hails from Iceland and has been living in Denmark with his wife and daughter for the past 3 years. Before getting into coffee Torfi worked as a chef at some of the best restaurants in Denmark and Iceland, amongst other michelin-starred Ensemble (now closed unfortunately), Umami and Dill. But a growing interest in coffee and the desire to be closer to the guests brought Torfi our way, for which we are very grateful.

After working with us full time as a barista for about a year Torfi took on the challenge of roasting as well, and together with Casper he has been responsible for roasting pretty much all our coffee until recently, when the competition has taken over more time. Torfi has selected and roasted his own coffee for the competition and has been dialling in the roast profile he wanted for the past many months. Since the Danish championship he's been working hard on bringing his ideas to life for the WBC.

Today he absolutely nailed it for his last run-through of his presentation. To test his nerves we had invited a bunch of friends and colleagues. Amongst them Troels Poulsen and Martin Hildebrandt - two of the former World Barista Champions - who gave great feedback and helped both testing Torfi's nerves and get him absolutely ready for the WBC. A big thank you to everyone who showed up and helped cheer and act as audience for Torfi.

On behalf of the whole collective we wish Torfi, his family and his helper Omar (Danish 2nd place finisher) a fantastic trip to Vienna. We would all be going there if it wasn't for the big project of opening our new roastery and coffee shop taking all our time as well as some of us having babies and stuff. Linus will be going and we hope that everyone there will help cheer for Torfi for us. We will definitely be watching the live stream and sending good vibes.

Held og lykke Torfi!

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Anne au Chocolat said...

All my best cheers and good luck wishes to Torfi !