Thursday, August 11, 2011

Copenhagen tips

With the Nordic Barista Cup coming up and generally a lot of people visiting Copenhagen these days, we're getting a lot of emails, facebook and twitter messages asking for advice on where to go. So I thought I'd just sum up some recommendations for you all. This is by no means a ranking and there's lot of other good places around and I'm sure to forget about some. I'm also not gonna bother with writing long descriptions. Just click the links and check it out.

Restaurant Relæ - must visit!
Manfreds - will re-open September 2nd. Relæ's little brother.
Aamanns - Smørrebrød to perfection.
Fiskebaren - great seafood in the meat packing district.
noma - but really, you can forget about getting a table.
Geranium - some say they're equally good as noma.
Kiin Kiin - Michelin star thai restaurant. Awesome.
Oubæk - just really good food. (Boeuf Bearnaise FTW!)
Den Røde Cottage - a bit outside CPH but extremely good and beautiful.

Mikkeller Bar - probably the best beer bar in the world. You have to go there!
Meyers Bageri - one of the best bakeries in Denmark/Europe/The World
Sing Thehus - if you'd like some fantastic tea.
Ved Stranden 10 - when you get in mood for some fantastic wine.

Coffee crawl you'll have to figure out yourself, but we do have a map of places with our coffee here.

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Elena said...

I'll try Mikkeller Bar. I saved some money for a short European vacation and you gave me some good ideas. Thanks.