Friday, August 12, 2011

New Espresso from Kieni

Today we're lauching a new espresso from the Kieni wetmill in Kenya.

It's an aromatic bomb with loads of sweet fruit and berrylike acidity. Citrus, black currant and cherries stand out in the aroma. We think the aftertaste is amazing and in milk those aromas just pop out and you can feel a funny balance between the acidity from the coffee and the sweetness from the milk. On it's own the mouthfeel is oily and coating. It's probably not an espresso for everyone (read: people who's afraid of acidity) but for those seeking wild aromas and an intense espresso this should be interesting.

If you want to know more: Taste it.

It's in the grinder at the coffee shop right now and available on our webshop.

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