Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Esmeralda 2010 Auction

We got one lot of the 2010 Esmeralda Special!

Last night the annual action of La Esmeralda Special took place and we succeeded in the bidding that lasted over 8 hours.

The samples arrived just in time for us to roast and cup them and again this year the Esmeralda farm and the Petersons prove why they are one of the leading farms in the world. The fragrance of this coffee is out of this world; Jasmine, citrus, honey, abricots, bergamot and an over-abundance of floral aromas. Top that off with a superbly clean cup and sweetness and you have an idea about just how special this coffee is.

Congratulations to Price, Daniel and Rachel Peterson and everyone at La Esmeralda for another ground-breaking auction. We look forward to get the coffee home and present it The Coffee Collective.

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Penny Auction Online said...

That's amazing, a beautiful piece of art. I am surely in love with this "coffee".