Monday, May 10, 2010

LAT 280410

A bit late, but we can't forget to post the results from the Latte Art Throwdown on April 28th.

We had a great event and everybody enjoyed themselves. It was good to see that all the people who had said they didn't want to compete ended up pouring like crazy in the throwdown.

Latte Art Throwdown April 28th 2010

You can see all the pictures from the event on Flickr

Each entrant had one shot of espresso in a large cappuccino cup (220 ml) brewed by Linus. There were two against each other every time, so one steam wand from each. The three judges then got the cappuccinoes in front of them, counted down from three and pointed to the one they liked the best. Simple, fun and fast!

After several rounds the winner was found:
Asger Ladefoged from Kaffebar, Elmegade

Asger savouring the victory

Congratulations Asger!
And we look forward to seeing everyone again for the next Latte Art Throwdown, June 3rd!

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