Monday, September 7, 2009

Finca Vista Hermosa 2009

Yes, two weeks ago we unloaded the container with the new crop Finca Vista Hermosa.

Now we've done several batches to nail the profile on this years harvest and will on wednesday the fresh crop will be on the shelves.

All day wednesday we'll be giving out free samples of French Pressed FVH, so come by for a taste.

Also, we'll be selling our new limited edition T-shirts with the triangle color of our Finca Vista Hermosa label! Kr: 250,- (American Apparel printed at Trykkertøzen) Only 15 available in various sizes.

EDIT: Today only we'll also be pulling shots of SO Espresso FVH!


Ole Haubjerg said...

Hej Klaus
Bliver det muligt at købe jeres t shirts på andre tidspunkter. Jeg er forhindret i at komme på onsdag, men vil rigtig gerne have fingre i en af de fede t shirts. (Jeg så Casper havde en mørkegrå på i shoppen en dag, og synes den var virkelig cool!)

Unknown said...


Don't know if you've talked to Asger, but the coffee you sent with Johanas got confiscated by airport security ( I think in the UK). What a disappointment! Was really looking forward to tasting the new crop. Also I was wondering if their was any way to get one of those shirts? Oh and remind Casper to buy a ticket to NYC! All the best, Cheers!

Klaus Thomsen said...

hi jordan. Yes, I heard about it from Asger. Stupid airport security!! We'll try to send some more your way. And yes, Casper should definitely go to NYC - but not for too long ;)
Take care!