Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fresh crop Finca Vista Hermosa this morning

...a good wednesday indeed !
We have been unloading green beans from Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala all day- now we rest. There will be a lot more written on this coffee soon- no worries.
Thank you Edwin, Diego and collegues.

P.S. That's Casper on top of our vacuum packed FVH in boxes on that picture - After unloading a bunch of FVH on jute bags that are going to other roasteries around Northern Europe.


MoBak said...

Sounds very good! What are the expecations to this years crop compared to last year? Same quality and profile or any differences?

Linus Törsäter said...

Same quality or even better since it has been vacuumpacked at the drymill.

When it comes to taste it will have slightly more acidity due to a dry and cold season. Very balancaed as always.

But we will now do some more testing of the roast profile, so we will have to wait with the full taste declaration some time yet.

coffee lover said...

I do hope this years yield will be better compared to last years harvest.

Klaus Thomsen said...

I think the yield (total amount of cherries harvested) was actually lower this year. But Quality is definitely as good.