Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Webshop changes

First of all- thank you for showing such an interest in our webshop. We never thought we would get such a good response on selling coffee over the internet.
There are several thing we want to improve to make it easier for you to get fresh roasted coffee to your home. There are some things coming up in the future, but for right now there is just one thing.

We will focus all our efforts on shipping 1 day per week. This may not sound as an improvement, but it actually is. In the past we have been trying to sending several days per week, but it had many disadvantages for everybody. There could be inconsistent deliverytimes for you as customer, some people got the impression that the coffee was coming earlier or later than they thought.
Some orders had to be shipped so fast that it was hard to keep track and very easy to make mistakes.

So from now on we ship all our weborders on tuesday afternoon. If you place your order at 12 on tuesdays, we will get it sent in the same afternoon. But you can of course still place your order any time you prefer.

A little reminder, we recommend our coffees for french press to rest 3-4 days at least after roasting date to bring out the aromas in the best way. For our espresso we recommend 2 weeks.