Monday, February 23, 2009

Danish Barista Championship 2009

Tomorrow the semi-final kicks off for the Danish Barista Championship 2009.
Wednesday is the grand finale.

Rumours has it that 8 baristas will compete (although it might just be 6).
Judges come from Iceland (Miss Sonja Grant), Sweden (Mr. Matts Johanson), Italy (Silvia I think), Greece (Alex), Lebanon (Joe Hayek) to help find the next Danish Barista Champion. Three of the baristas that are competing will be using our espresso blend, so cross your fingers for them! Or even better: Come cheer them on!

You need a ticket to enter, since the competition is being held as part of the TEMA 09 fair.
It takes place at Bella Centret:

Vis stort kort

You can read more at the SCAE site and probably EspressoBar will be a good source for updates.

Good luck to all the competing baristas!

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Johan C said...

Trevligt med DM. Har försökt hitta vad det är för tider som gäller men hittar inget. Har ni någon koll på när det börjar?