Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TV on the Radio on Casper

Today the media woke up to the news that Denmark won the European Team Challenge. Of course they called Casper up straight away and wanted interviews (seriously, they did!).

Politiken had the news on their front page this morning.

Then later TV2 Lorry came by our roastery to film and interview Casper. The segment should be aired tonight at 19:30.

About half an hour earlier Casper will be a guest on national TV station DR1's Aftenshowet.

Tomorrow the early birds will be able to listen to his soft spoken voice on Denmarks Radio P3 Go'Morgen P3.

What a wonderful opportunity to make more people aware of quality coffee!

We hope you Turn On, Tune In... but avoid dropping out ;-)


MoBak said...

It's great with all the air time to Casper. That will definitely also benifit speciality coffee in general.

Do you know which hour of Go'morgen P3 Casper will be in?

Anonymous said...

It should be between 6.30 and 7.30, but he's not sure.

Anonymous said...

If he needs some last minute media coaching, you know who to call!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for all of you and grateful for your collaborative commitment to education in coffee. Keep it real. please post any links you discover that may allow us on the other side of the world to see and hear any TV and radio press via internet.

Lene said...

Hej og stort tillykke herfra endnu en gang. Hvor og hvornår åbner I den næste kaffebar, som de omtaler i TV2Lorry?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to congratulate Casper , klaus and all the Danish Team for doing such a good job