Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TV News

Casper turned the eyes of Denmark to coffee tonight:

DR 1
TV2 Lorry

And I guess the cat's out of the bag... we're planning to open up a second location!


Anonymous said...

Flot optræden Casper!
Og held og lykke med den næste kaffebar.
Hilsen fra Jeres Hvalsø-fan

Anonymous said...

Well done, Casper. My wife watched it and said 'Ah, so that is where you get this great coffee from!'.

Now the question is where is the next shop going to be? You are in Kbh. N. Kontra have Kbh ø. Risteriet have Kbh K. So my guess is Kbh V.?

Yes/No? Please tell!


Anonymous said...

Or Aarhus?

Oh, that would be a nice surprise

Anonymous said...

Isn't the big surprise that you're going to open the second location in Guatemala???