Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guatemala goes Vacuum

Vacuum packing has long been high on the priority list for us. Daterra was the first farm to do this. Our Kariaini coffee was vacuum packed in Kenya. We re-pack the coffees that arrive in jute-sacks ourselves, if we can't have it done at origin. This is something we feel quite strongly about.

Now Edwin Martines of Finca Vista Hermosa has initiated the first vacuum packing of coffee in Guatemala. Way to go Edwin! And way to go whole team doing the hard work of weighing out, packing, vacuuming, sealing and boxing these coffees! Truly exciting.

You can see Edwin's pictures of the process here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks great. When we first started to mention this to different exporters two years ago everybody seemed to be almost offended and thought we were lunatics. But it really taking on now and I think that in five years time it will be unthinkable to pack great speciality green coffee in anything but vac pac.

The Coffee Collective said...

I perfectly know what you mean Johan! At my earlier work I had the exact same experience!

But I think it is amazing to see now how the packageging seems to be spreading really fast over the world! And I think you're entirely right that within some years anything else will be unthinkable in terms of specialty coffee!

Nevertheless the coffees that are not entirely free from defects but still called specialty will have problems with the packaging. But maybe this will help to get rid of these doubtfull specialty coffees

The Coffee Collective said...

sorry I forgot to sign my comment!
- Peter

Anonymous said...

There are 4 pictures on the box, one is taken by Klaus at FVH. I've seen so many great pictures of depulped coffee in the fermentation tank as well as coffee on the drying patio, but never one of FRESHLY washed coffee still wet and shiney seconds before going to the patio. It embodies some of the concepts of freshness and attention to detail that we value so we had to put it on the box. Thank you Klaus.