Friday, October 10, 2008

Closed on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th October

We open again on Wednesday 15th  at 7:30.

The cause is that we are going to change the desktop in the bar. The old one is made of MDF and only had a light coating of ordinary paint. Of course the original plan was to have something more durable, but  we were very tight in schedule (we had only 2 weeks from when we got the keys until the roastery/ coffeebar should be running). We chosed MDF because it is easily shapable.

We were quite aware of the fact that MDF is not good in a working area that has so much to do with water - it literally sucks it up. So we thought we were going to put at least 3 layers of durable paint, but then time ran away and we only got 1 layer of ordinary paint.

So now the new desktop will be made of bamboo with a  laminate (not sure if this is the word in english). 

Anyhow, this was maybe a bit too long about at simple desktop, but I thought it unecessary for others to eventually do the same mistakes we did.

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