Monday, May 26, 2008

WBC approaching

Three and a half weeks till the World Barista Championship here in Copenhagen. By this time the baristas should have gotten their whole presentation together and hopefully they are just doing run-throughs of their set to practice from now till then.

At the Collective we're gearing up to the event already. We're training the Danish competitor Søren Stiller Markussen and trying to help out some of the people who's travelling from far away with getting some details in place. It's not an easy thing to bring in cups, glasses, milk, electronic devices, plants and ingredients from around the globe. I remember that all too well from my own days of competeing. We've recieved a lot of emails from competitors who would like to come in and train a bit on our GB5 just before the competition. Unfortunately we only have the one in our coffee shop for now, and it's being put to full use as it is. Personally, I don't think it matters much to have access to a machine so close to the competition if you're well prepared from home. Each competitor will get some training time on the WBC machines, so don't stress if you're a competitor and haven't gotten some arrangement for a machine when you arrive in CPH.

The WBC will be covered this year by the Danish online forum and coffee web site EspressoBar. They have made a site specific for the event: WBC on EspressoBar

On the site you will be able to read about the competitors of the different countries, get updates during the event and participate in the forum, where I'm sure there will be many questions and answers about the baristas' presentations. Go there already now for information about the competing baristas.


MoBak said...

Thank you very much for linking to our site, guys!

Fede Cabrera said...

Hi Klaus,

Have you got any suggestion for the baristas from around the globe who are visiting the WBC just for pleasure?... like a coffeeshop's route/tour, or things that you wouldn't want to miss while you're at Copenhagen (is not essential that they are related with coffee).

Best regards,
Federico Cabrera