Friday, May 30, 2008

SCAE event

Yesterday we hosted the SCAE press conference for the upcoming Wonderful Coffee. The Danish SCAE chapter organised the event and all we had to do was open the doors and let them in. Danish Champion Søren Stiller Markussen, who also happens to be the National Coordinator for SCAE Denmark, made a presentation of his cappuccinos and signature drink. There will be a report from the event on EspressoBar

Last night we did the last training session with Søren. Now he's really well prepared and can enter repetition-mode, where he just has to rehearse his presentation over and over again till everything is spot on. His drinks and techniques are really solid and he's in good time to just get the last little details in place. We look forward to see him represent Denmark in the WBC.

On another note we got some sad news yesterday too: The Nordic Barista Cup 2008 in Finland has been canceled. We know Bjorg and Jens has put a tremendous amount of work in making this competition work, and we're sure it wasn't an easy decision to make. But it's better to cancel it than make an competition that wouldn't live up to the previous ones.

From the NBC website:

We are very sorry to inform you that Nordic Barista Cup 2008 has been cancelled.
We were not able to create the positive energy and economy needed to sustain the Nordic Barista Cup vision.

The next Nordic Barista Cup will be in Iceland in 2009.
See you there.

Jens and Björg
Nordic Barista Cup Administration

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