Sunday, March 9, 2008

Irish Hat Trick and a New Champ!

Today was the final round of the Irish Barista Championship. I just got of the phone with the new Irish Barista Champion: Stephen Morrisey!

We're very happy that Stephen won, because he was using our espresso for his presentation.

He used descriptors like sweet, clean and fruity and described the aromas of cocoa from the Finca Vista Hermosa and pineapple and apricot from the Adado. The judges agreed and liked it.

Stephen promised he'll post on his blog tonight about the presentation and what his signature drink is all about.

But not only did Stephen win the Irish Barista Championship. On friday he also won the Irish Latte Art Championship. And yearlier this year he won the Irish Cup Tasting Championship. The man pulled a genuine hat trick! Now he'll be the first to represent a country in all three disciplines.

Huge congratulations to Stephen for the great accomplishment and many thanks for choosing our espresso for the presentation!

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