Saturday, March 1, 2008

Danish Barista Championship

Monday and Tuesday next week the Danish Barista Championship is taking place at Food Expo in Herning.

Two baristas have chosen to use our espresso blend for their presentation. We've mentioned Mikkel Otto before but also Mikkel from Sigfreds Kaffebar in Århus will be using our blend.

None of us at the Collective will be competing this year. We've simply been way to busy, but we're happy to support the competition and to be present in some way or other. I, Klaus, are also going to emcee the event and am currently trying to think up cleaver questions for the baristas to fill out the time between competitors. Any suggestions are welcome ;-)

This year nine baristas have entered the championship. Not many for a country with such a victorious track record in the competition. Monday will be the first round with all nine baristas competing. Six of them will then proceed to the finals on tuesday. An international team of judges, along with a couple of Danish judges, have been brought in for the championship.

Good luck to all the competitors! Remember to have fun and just enjoy .. that .. coffee ! ! !

Danish readers can follow updates, background info and interviews on and we will also have a recap here on our blog from the championship after it's over.


Anonymous said...

Who won?? Everyone in Denmark has been so quiet!

Anonymous said...

Sorry bout that. Just updated now. I thought you understood Danish perfectly and were jsut following it on ;-)