Monday, June 3, 2013

Coffee & Cocktails Night

So it went down! The first - but sure as h#ll not the last - coffee and cocktail night went down at Jægersborgade last Saturday. The ambition was to gather a great bunch of people and have fun. This was done by setting up a cocktail competition. There were some basic rules for the drinks: They had to contain either rum or tequila Had to contain coffee (obviously) Had to be served cold - but as one judge said, "you ain't tryin' hard enough if you don't cheat....".

Coffee Cocktail

The 5 competitors where Rasmus Elm, Morten Vestenaa, Benjamin Hunner, Rasmus Wibæk and Samuli Marila. The level of creativity was high. Both Rasmusses had prepared stuff from home. Rasmus W had made a wonderful sorbet of donut peaches (the fruit, not flavoured donuts....) which he placed in the middle of his Yukro Shakerato. His skills continues to amaze us, he even flairs.... The judging was conducted by Kasey and Solfinn and different volunteers from the crowd for each round. The bar was packed, hot and humid, almost creating a caribbean feel (or at least hot and wet....). Luckily there was no malibu to emphasize that vibe.

There were served white russians with a twist, the mentioned Yukro peach Shakerato, G&T with coffee, a Shakerato thing more (not remembering precisely right now...) and a Sweet 'n' crisp (wierd combo of tequila, tonic, sugar syrup and extreme brewed Yukro). At the end it was a battle between Rasmus W and Samuli. Wether it was the quality of the drink or the unorthodox presentation by a slightly tipsy Samuli, rambling about love, women and Africa while grooving to Maxwell, that made him the winner of the night stays a mystery but surely we promise you a wonderful evening next time it's Coffee & Cocktails at Jægersborggade! Cheers!!!

Samuli - the winner

Finally, a big up to Finnbogi for making it happen and MC O-to-the-MAR!

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