Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the current situation in Guatamala

The harvest is finished in Guatamala and we have visited and selected this years lots from Finca Vista Hermosa. While we are waiting for the coffee to be all ready for export, nature is demonstrating its power in Guatamala.

After an erupting volcano and a tropical depression, the president has declared the country in a state of "national calamity".

Edwin Martinez of Finca Vista Hermosa has made a post about the situation here.

Edwin finishes his post with the statement that if "you’re wondering how you can help. You can visit, sometime when the airport is not shut down, and drink good coffee. Tourism and coffee are the #1 and #2 sources of revenue for Guatemala.."

We can promise that we will follow up on his proposal!

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Lene said...

And so will we..............
Hope the best for Guatemala and its people