Friday, January 8, 2010

La Esmeralda - we eat our own words!

When we first presented the coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda, we said that we would not serve it as any form of espresso drink! Well, hmm, we couldn't leave it there. We have decided to put a small batch in the grinder and serve this as espresso, in cappuccinos and americanos, as long as the batch lasts (through the weekend?) !

The espressobrewing is really bringing the elegant aromas of this coffee forward. It might even be the brewing method where we find that the aromas of abricot, bergamot and the heather honey is the most intense and maybe a hint of eukalyptus also sneaks through. Even in the cappuccinos there is no doubt on which coffee it is.

If you are in the neighborhood during the weekend drop by and ask to get yur coffee with La Esmeralda.


Unknown said...

The best reason to brave the cold so far!

Michael said...

Thanks for sharing with us this info about La Esmeralda. I bet that coffee they made are of world class quality. I wonder if the would ever ship their coffee here in the Philippines? That aroma of aromas of abricot, bergamot and the heather honey really made me crave coffee more and more! Great post.

Michael said...

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