Friday, June 12, 2009

Hacienda La Esmeralda

Yesterday we launched the Esmeralda Special. For the first time in Denmark. And a LOT of people showed up. Thanks to everyone who came out in the pouring rain to celebrate this spectacular coffee with us. It's definitely confirmed for us that the Danes are ready for this kind of asthonishing coffees!

The Esmeralda Special is now available in our stores and webshop.

For the launch we decided to present this coffee in several different ways, but not as any form of espresso. We feel the Esmeralda comes out best in other brew methods - and we feel that there is too much focus on espresso in specialty coffee in general. So, we presented it as Aeropress, French Press, in cupping session and as a cold drink.

The cold drink - which Liv and Linus is serving below - was french pressed Esmeralda that had been filtered through a paper cone filter, then sweetened with a little bit of cane sugar before being cooled down slowly. It was served in champagne glasses with a bit of sparkling water added just before serving. The soda released a lot of aromas and it was just enough that it didn't get bitter. It was really tasty and the honey aromas were incredible.

Peter guided through several cupping session, where it was also possible to smell the primary aromas as the actual ingredients (apricots, jasmine tea, heather honey and bergamot oil). This was really interesting for us, because people differed in what they picked out, but all the ingredients were found by a lot. We had first a popular supermarket coffee next to our most popular coffee, Finca Vista Hermosa from Guatemala. Then we had a washed coffee from Boquete, Panama next to Hacienda Esmeralda, which is from the same area.

Together with GoFood we did a small bite of food & coffee pairing. Andy had created a blinis with apricot, buffalo mosserela, dild and a jasmine caramel flake on top. It was super-delicious and went extremely well with the coffee.

The most incredible part for us was how many people showed up and that they were standing in line out the door

Outside we had put up tents, where French Presses of the Esmeralda was presented.

Casper spend the entire evening Aeropressing like crazy. (Un)fortunately there were constantly so many people surrounding him that we didn't get a single picture of it ourselves. We'll link when we find some.

Meanwhile all the rest of the pictures from the event is up on Flickr

Thanks to everyone who showed up (especially our baristas) that helped make this a great event!


Anonymous said...

Til det arrangement ville jeg også gerne have været med.- Det ser ud til at have været noget helt specielt!
Mange hilsener
Jeres fan fra Hvalsø

Daniel Remheden och Peter Frennhoff said...

Thanks for the warm welcoming during our spontaneous visit. It is truly a fantastic coffee and it is so cool that so many people showed up despite the weather conditions. It gives one hope about the future of speciality coffee when "traditional" coffee drinkers show such interest in a "small" coffee like Esmeralda. Keep up the good work!

Julie said...

Although I'm not a big iced coffee fan, thinking about what I did and didn't like about the Esmeralda the times I have had makes me realize it is the perfect candidate for a cold drink. Your prep sounds brilliant.