Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TCC 4K - Roskilde is open

The Coffee Collective Roskilde opened yesterday.

At 7:30 we tore down the paper that have been covering the windows for the past couple of week and started welcoming people to our new coffee shop.

Here's Linus giving away free coffees to by-passers:

With 12 seats we're keeping it small and personal. A 2-group La Marzocco GB5, Compak K-10 and a Mahlkönig VTA-6 (aka R2D2) is situated in the bar, with a beautiful white disk (thanks to Eva!) to serve the drinks on.

The espresso machine is situated with the side to the customers, so it's - just like in Jægersborggade - easy to see what the barista is doing. And when we installed the lights in the La Marzocco we thought the big Mahlkönig grinder could use some light as well. So now we have a Mahlkönig with built-in light - and the cool part is that the light only comes on when you grind! It's really neat and perhaps the only of it's kind ;-)

Opening day was really cozy and a few journalists and photographers stopped by. Saturday one of the local papers had a full page about the store and local coffee hero Peter Dupont (he's from around Roskilde originally) which a lot of people had already seen. We hope the word will spread fast and the people of Roskilde will come in and try our coffees.

More pictures on Flickr.


Tim Wendelboe said...

It looks GREAT!

Unknown said...

yeah, same here. massive congrats. wish you all the best!

Lene said...

Congratulations from Aalborg as well. It looks great - see you next time we are around.

Unknown said...

Definite congrats! It's a great feeling, that first day is.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all. Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sjovt at se the slides show, når jeg nu ikke selv kunne være der.Velkommen hjem til Karen. Det var pefekt timet.
Mange hilsener

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. It looks really nice.

Unknown said...

Heldige i Roskilde! Håber de sætter pris på jer også der. Det gør vi jo her i staden :-)

Open Eye Cafe said...

Wow....love the feel you get even from a picture...hope to be able to visit!