Monday, February 25, 2008

Pictures and more from the Grand Opening

The first week came and went. Klaus went to Portugal two days after opening and then got a cold. Casper has broken his right hand in a (non-drunken) fall. Peter's been roasting like crazy. And Linus has been assembling the last bits and pieces. All in all a bit chaotic, but now we seem to have settled in nicely.

As promised, here's some pictures from the opening day.

We opened at 7.30 (our usual opening time) on Friday the 15th and began the day by giving away free coffees to the morning commuters on Jagtvej. It was really nice to see how happy this made people and we always enjoy a chance to talk about our coffee philosophy (perhaps coffee obsession is a more appropriate term).

During the day we had lots of visitors come by. Friends, colleagues, relatives as well as people who just wondered what the last couple of weeks noise had all been about.

When we closed at 1800 hours the place was full of happy coffee drinking people and we all felt like celebrating that our first day had been successful.

At seven o'clock free-lance barista Mikkel Otto showed up for the general rehearsal of his presentation for the Danish Barista Championship. He will be using our espresso blend and is training like a maniac for the competition. It was great to see his performance and taste his drinks. There are more pictures of his presentation on our Flickr here but we don't wanna give away Mikkel Ottos presentation before the championship, so it's only a sneak preview.

The crowd (it was completely packed in the shop) made sure Mikkel Otto got his nerves tested and a team of judged scrutinized his every little move.

We all had a great time, although, considering we were all opening up the shop again saturday morning, we probably shouldn't have had champagne, beer and rum on an empty stomach...

Thanks to everyone who came by! We really enjoyed seeing you there and hope you'll all come back.


Ben Kaminsky said...

The place looks great. Congratulations you guys!

The Coffee Collective said...

Thanks! It is also a wonderfull place to work!

To underpinn that things were a bit hectic the first days notice how we couldn't spell our own name on the first picture;)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to check out the new cafe guys. long trip from Australia for me but i'm sure the the coffee will be well worth it. Hope to see you all at the WBC