Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Article in gourmet magazine Mad & Venner

The February issue of Mad & Venner - one of the most read Danish food magazines - contains a 5 page article about us.

We first got into contact with journalist Marie Holm last year through Farmers Market. Originally she was just going to mention us briefly, but when she heard more about our concept and Direct Trade model she approached us for a full article. So a couple of months ago we met with her and photographer Tomas Elfsberg to get interviewed and have our pictures taken. It was great fun for us and we think the article has really captured what we're all about.

Unfortunately for our international readers it's in Danish, but you might still enjoy the pictures.

Click here to read the article in .pdf format


Kiril said...

well done guys ;) proud of ya

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic photo - well done, i wish i could read danish!


Anonymous said...

simply the coolest guys in town!! ;)


Unknown said...

I want a to make the picture poster size and hang it in my living room. I wonder if Chris would let me....

Anonymous said...

Go ahead M'lissa! I'm suuuure Chris would love us staring at him all day ;-)