Monday, January 7, 2008


Something very special arrived today at the roastery.


MoBak said...

Wow - a new 20 ft. container! Congratulations :) No, seriously - what is it? Something like this: Would be very cool with a TCC logo on it ;)

Can't wait to see what you bought!

Anonymous said...

Do tell!

Linus Törsäter said...

Good guees Mobak !

It´s even more precious. It is the newest crop of our Daterra- Direct Trade.

Why is no one concerned about poor little me having to stand in the snow/rain and directing this heavy load ? That is the true miracle here.
(it landed 1 mm from designated place)

Klaus, no more blogging tomorrrow- you take pictures and you are going to carry, oh yes!

Anonymous said...

I thought it might be another baby, for a moment!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody!

Nice picture! We hope you enjoy the "new babies" as much as we are doing over here ...


MoBak said...

Do you expect it to be different from the last batch you got? And if so - will you separate them in your webshop?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mobak
Daterra is probably one of the most consistent farms from year to year, I've ever encountered. Especially as most of their coffees are selections - blends of different varietals and lots to achieve a specific flavor. But of course it's still an agricultural product and will vary from year to year. When we cupped this years samples we found it to be slightly sweeter and with just a tiny hint more acidity compared to last year. We're almost out of the old crop, so we'll use that up first before roasting the new crop. All good comes to he who waits, right? :-)