Monday, December 17, 2007


Thursday last week I went to visit the Mahlkönig factory in Hamburg, Germany. I think it's fascinating to see how the machines we surround ourselves with every day come to life, so when I got the invitation to go I was quick to do it.

Mahlkönig are a big part of the specialty coffee world and have sponsored both Nordic Barista Cup and several national barista championships.

Nils Erichsen is the president of the company and took me around the factory.

At the factory they get in steel rods, which are cut into small pieces for each burr set. The knives are cut into the steel and then hardened. Along the whole production line precision is key.



My favourite grinder for filter/Clover/French Press is the Mahlkönig VTA (Also know as the R2D2 -the little robot from Star Wars- because of its similar look). When you see the parts this grinder is made off you begin to understand why it costs a little extra than the rest ... and why it weights some 40 kilos! Quality all the way through and last a lifetime.

Thanks to Nils, Christian and Georg from Mahlkönig for inviting me!

More pics here

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Anonymous said...

Hey Klaus,
Those burrs look mighty, mighty sharp! I would hate to even glide my finger across it. Amazing.