Monday, October 1, 2007


We didnt tell you enough about Koppi- a recently started microroastery and cafe in Helsingborg. The doors will soon be open.

Many of you might already know about them, but lets be clear- Anne and Charles has something wild going on up in Helsingborg !

We just passed by for a short stop friday one week ago. We could have stayed a lot more time, but we had to arrive in Gbg before dawn. Charles was there and it was so fascinating to hear him tell us about their plans. Me, Casper and Mads first thought we would just pop by and say hi for 5 min- next time we bring our sleeping bags and use the Don Mayo bags as beds (we´re not asking, we will do it).

I wont talk forever about what they will do- visit their blog and see for yourself, the link is to the right on this page. Koppi.

They have a temple and I am really looking forward to spend some more time drinking their coffee. They have some wonderful ideas about coffee and we will surely be seeing them a lot.

Forza Helsingborg !

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koppi said...

Thank you for your kind words. You are welcome to take a nap on our coffee bags whenever you like....
We like your space ship..