Monday, October 29, 2007

Green beans for sale ... and more

From today all our green coffees are available to purchase on our webshop.

We have decided to let home roasting enthusiasts enjoy the coffees we have carefully sourced and imported. Go here to purchase the coffees.

So, what else have we been up to lately?

Well, I (Klaus) have gotten Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which have left me incapable of making espresso for a couple of weeks :-( But on the bright side this mean I have Casper pulling shots for me all the time. Gotta admit I like being serviced like that :-)

We also had a visit from San Fransisco. Ryan Brown from Ritual Coffee Roasters swung by our little roastery and went out for beers with us. He's a really nice guy and the company he works for are doing a really great job. We all hope to see you soon again Ryan!

We've also cupped some coffees brought back by a friend from New York. Some were good and some were not so good...
One bag said "medium roast" but it was darker than anything we'd ever roast - even a dark espresso. This is one of the problems specialty coffee still faces: the communication of roast degrees (not to mention styles and profiles). One roaster may call something light, Vienna or Full City + and it might not correspond to the next roaster's reference. I personally don't think Agtron or Colorette numbers are the answer. Hopefully in stead we can get people to simply recognize the differences. (An IPA from Bröckhouse doesn't taste the same as one from Brooklyn Breweries either...)

In case you havn't seen it yet (which means you're not an addicted internet-coffee-geek yet) James Hoffmann, the champ, has a very nice description of one of our coffees on his blog.

And last but certainly not least: Our good friends Sarah Allen and Ken Olson, editor and publisher of Barista Magazine got married last week. Congratulations from the whole collective!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Thomsen

Sorry to know that you got CTS anyway I would like to share some exercises which will give you relief...try em if you wanna...

Carpal tunnel exercise for Wrist is that, first make a loose fist with your right hand, then keep the palm in upward position and after that use the left hand to press it gently down against the clenched hand. Now resist the force of the left hand with the closed right hand for five seconds, but be sure that the wrist is kept straight. After that turn the right hand fist palm downwards and press it against the knuckles with the left hand for five seconds and after that finally, turn the right palm in such a way that the thumb-side of the fist is up and press down again for five seconds. After this repeat the same process with the left hand.

Second simple Carpal tunnel exercise is that which is called as wrist circles. According to this wrist circle draw clockwise circles in air with the tips of second and third fingers, which are kept up and close together. After that repeat the same process with left hand.

Third easy Carpal tunnel exercise is that first hold a hand straight up next to the shoulder with fingers together and palm facing outward, somewhat like a shoulder-high salute position. After that, bend the hand backward with the fingers still held together with the help of another hand and hold it for five seconds. After that open the fingers and thumb with the hand being in the same bent back position and hold it for five seconds. Now repeat the same process with another hand.