Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Surprise visit

The other day we got a surprise visit from Isabela Pascoal from Daterra. She was in Europe with her husband and decided to take time out to go to Denmark for a day.

Peter and I first met Isabela back in January 2006 when we visited the Daterra farm. She is the daughter of Lois Pascoal, who owns Daterra, and an incredible nice person.
In August last year Isabela arranged for an espresso presentation with me in Sao Paolo and since then we've met both at the SCAA show in Long Beach, in Tokyo at the WBC and when I did workshops for UCC in Kobe, Japan.

It's always great to get visits from the people who supply us with coffee, and of course we were proud to show her our new location. Here's a picture of Peter and Isabela next to our Daterra Tower of Power ;-)

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