Thursday, August 30, 2007


This week I went on a short trip to Amsterdam to do some espresso workshops and taste group discussions for Philips. I had a few hours to walk around town and I stumbled upon a small coffee shop ... wait, that means something different there ... well, a café then, with a three group Mirage. For those who don't know this machine, it's made by Kees van der Westen and is a work of art as well as one of the technically best machines around.
Although the Italian robusta-laden dark roasted espresso they made at De Koffie Salon, as the place is called, was not to my liking it was brewed pretty well and I had a great little chat with the baristas. It's always nice to find a good coffee place when you're out of town.


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Rob Berghmans said...

Good to hear.
In april one of my Barista's was visiting plenty of espresso bars in Amsterdam and said that this place was his favourite one.

Keep up the good work with this blog ; i like it.

Antwerp Barista