Friday, December 19, 2008

More courses and Christmas gifts

We've added two more barista courses for the beginning of '09.
February 4th is already sold out though.
April 22nd is still available. Book here.

There's also still a few spots left for the cupping course Kaffesmagning med Verdensmesteren

What better Christmas gift to the coffee fanatic in your household? (And we all have one of those in our families right?!)

We've also still got our cups on sale. The offer for 6 at a reduced price still holds.

The Taster Package of our 6 coffees with a 32% discount is also available at the Coffee Shops in Jægersborggade and Roskilde.

And personally, I look forward to matching the traditional Danish Ris á la Mande with a nice Frensh Press of the dark roast Idido after the Christmas dinner on the 24th.

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