Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barista Guild of Taiwan interviewing our Roast Master

Our Friend Joe Hsu from Orsir Coffee in Taiwan has send me a link to the website of their Barista Guild in Taiwan. They have put out an interview which I did with them - Its not often you see your own words written in Chinese (they also have the english version)!,106.0.html

They also have an interview with another good friend of ours - Tim Wendelboe - he has been answering some of the same questions I was asked. I am glad to see that it seems like we share some common ideas. Tim and I also have a common background as we met in the norwegian championship in 1999 where we both participated in our first barista competition. At the competition back then I think both Tim and I and a bounch of other barsistas who wasn't good enough to get into the top three were all 'crownd' as number 4. I guess you can say that Tim cought up on this later!

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