Wednesday, August 1, 2007

WBC day 1

The World Barista Championship is well under way. Day one was a long one with around 25 competitors. Danish champ, Lene Hyldahl, did very well (in spite of a lady fainting in the front row). Sweeden also looked very good. heck, they all did. It's impossible to tell from the audience floor who'll be in the finals. This morning James Hoffmann from the UK is opening the day. Last night the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan held a spectacular Gala-dinner. They had a show on the stage whit a dancing coffee bean. I'll try to post video when I get back home. It was great!
The picture is the prices - the reason all these baristas are here ;-) This year there are also prices for best sig drink, best cappuccino, best espresso and a Congeniality price voted by the baristas for the one who'd been the kindest to the rest. A good idea to instill a sense of responsibility towards each other in the barista back room and preparation area.
I'm off to see James and all the others now.

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Anonymous said...

Hej Klaus, was it you yelling 'KOM SÅ, LENE' a couple of times under her performance:-)?