Friday, June 22, 2012

Kieni Espresso is back !

Back by popular demand: Kieni Espresso.

There was quite an outcry last fall when we finished with the Kieni Espresso, so we're very happy to re-introduce it to our line-up.

This is also the coffee that Torfi used for the WBC and Danish Barista Championship. It's of course the fresh crop that came in a few weeks ago. It's extremely lively and aromatic. A real fruit bomb of an espresso. Ripe black currants and fresh raspberries dominate the aromas. Still is has a oily mouthfeel with great sweetness and vibrant aftertaste. We've roasted this a little slower but it kept it quite light for an espresso, in a way where we've managed to keep the aromas but muting the acidity a little bit. The result is an espresso out of the ordinary with wild aromas and amazing flavour.

The Kieni Espresso will be available in our coffee shops on Friday and through our webshop.

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