Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Store Opening: Torvehallerne

After three and a half years on Jægersborggade we feel ready for the next step for the collective: Opening a second coffee shop!

At the end of the summer we are going to open at Copenhagens new food market Torvehallerne.

Torvehallerne is a project that has been a long time under way. We first heard about it and saw the initial architect drawings about 8 years ago. The idea for a new food market was originally promoted by architect Hans Peter Hagen in the place where Copenhagen's original market for vegetables, fruits and flowers had been. Israels Plads, as the square is called, is situated perfectly, right next to Nørreport Station - the busiest traffic point in Denmark, accessible by both metro, train, bus and of course by bike.

There will be two main buildings; one for fish, meats and dairy products, and one for groceries, bread, fruits, vegetables and of course coffee. We applied for a specific spot at the very end of the latter building facing south. The sunlight hits that area around 11 o'clock and is there until it sets over the park to the west (Ørstedsparken). It's a beautiful spot with a great atmosphere and lots of people around. We will have seating outside so you can enjoy the sunny days there or take your coffee with you.

When we opened the shop on Jægersborggade we had one goal in mind: We really wanted to show people what the barista is doing. Too often the customers can't see the craftsmanship of the barista, and with our reversed, open bar we have had great success in sharing brewing tips with customers on a daily basis. With the new shop we want to continue that idea of an open, transparent bar. But at the same time we felt the need to do a more efficient bar, that doesn't get as cramped as Jægersborggade on a Saturday. Both ends of the bar will be open, allowing folks to watch and at the same time be able to talk to the barista over the counter.

Coffee-wise we're keeping things relatively simple. You can expect the same quality coffee drinks as you're used to on the Jægersborggade shop, but we're also building a designated brew bar, which will focus on filter coffee. We both want this to be an opportunity for customers to taste each of our single coffees brewed by the cup and for them to engage in conversations about the coffee. At the same time we're working hard to ensure that it's efficient, and that the whole process can be fast.

However, we don't want to take focus away from espresso either. We love espresso. Most of us start our mornings with a delicious cappuccino. And that's something we want to share with our guest along with exploring the espresso possibilities even further. We're hoping to be the first to present a very exciting espresso machine in the new shop and we'll write more about that later. Finally we're also going to host public cuppings, that will be open to anyone who'd like to join.

There's a lot of ideas right now, and we'll try to keep you posted on the progress. We're very excited about it all and look forward to share some extraordinary coffee with a new crowd as well as those who's followed us for years.


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, I am really excited for you all! I will have to come back and visit again, soon.

Best of luck


Lene said...

Det lyder super spændende - vi glæder os til at komme forbi.
God sommer - kh. Jeppe & Lene