Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visit from down-under

This week we had a visit from the current Australian barista champion, Scottie Callaghan.
Scottie is the 2006 World Latte Art Champion and also won the ABC (Australian Barista Championship) in 2007, representing Oz at the WBC in Tokyo. Back in 2006 I visited Australia and met Scottie who's personality and commitment to coffee instantly impressed me.

Scottie is on a world tour that will take him through Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, U.K. and several states in the US of A. What a trip! On the way he'll spend time with some stellar coffee people and taste lots and lots of coffee. The purpose of it all is to get a broad understanding of the taste preferences and approaches to roasting (and perhaps blending) from country to country.

We had a great time with Scottie and spend a whole day on cupping and training. I really look forward to follow his tour around the globe on his blog:

To go straight to his blog post about his visit to Copenhagen, click here.

Scottie on his rented bike:

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