Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm writing from Iceland where the Nordic Barista Cup 2009 will take place in just a few days. I've been to every NBC so far and it's always great fun. Last year it was cancelled though, and only the Nordic Roaster event took place. But, for the past years I've either been a team member, team coach or a judge. This year I am only an attendee and really look forward to simply enjoy the whole thing and relax.

Well... I won't totally relax, because obviously I'll be busy cheering like a rowdy hooligan for these guys and gals:

Picture taken from KaffeKaren's blog

The Danish team looks great this year - in many more ways than their obvious fashion awareness. Kaffe-Karen you should all know. She's been running our Roskilde store and is now part-time barista on Jægersborggade. She's been involved in many coffee projects in Denmark for years, but I believe this will be her first competition.
Samuli is one of the 'oldest' baristas in Denmark. He started his coffee journey in Norway way before I knew what a cappuccino was. He's moved on to roasting about three or four years ago and became the Danish Cup Tasting Champion earlier this year. We all used to work with him at Estate Coffee and fondly remember his creative spirit. Oh, and watch out because for sure he's the only one speaking Danish, Swedish AND Finish fluently!
Morten is the current Danish Barista Champ - hailing from Århus' Sigfreds Kaffebar. He's also participated in both the SCAE Turkish Coffee competition and the Coffee In Good Spirits. We've come to know Mortens enthusiasm better when he chose to use our coffee for many of said competitions.
Last team member is Ea, who works at Baresso. She was the runner-up in the Danish Barista Championship and current Danish Latte Art Champion.

When I look at this team it strikes me that these four individuals brings four totally different backgrounds to the team and as such makes it a really, really great team. I know they're going to have a lot of fun here in Iceland and will learn a lot. And of course I hope they'll repeat the Danish triumph from 2004 when Denmark took the Trophy! I'll just remind the readers that Peter Dupont and myself (together with Lene and Stine) were both on the team back then ;-)


Oh, and I'll see if I can post some updates along the way from the event when it starts Thursday. Knowing the nature of the NBC though, I suspect it might be impossible to sit down with the laptop not to mention getting any internet connection. (I've already heard some rumours about what's really going to take place and it does not sound boring!). In any case I'll post a recap once I'm back and you can follow my Twitter at if you are desparate for updates.


Unknown said...

Go Team Denmark! Jumpers look fantastic!

kaffeKaren said...

Thank you Klaus.
We will do our best to make you proud..
See you soon.. It is sooo exciting...

sLucey said...

are those sweaters hand knit? they're great

Anonymous said...

Actually Samuli lived for a while in norway so his norwegian Is also singing!