Monday, April 20, 2009

Congratulations Gwilym Davies !

Gwilym Davies from UKwon the WBC in a grand manner. He seemed to be the most surprised of everybody dispite the fact fact that he did one of the most interesting presentations ever seen in WBC history.

And congratulations Anette Moldvaer from Square Mile- she roasted the coffee !
Ben Kaminsky won the Cuptasting Championship in the U.S. and Barrett Jones in Canada ! Complete results will be displayed in our Flickr soon. Well done both of you, we look forward seeing you in Cologne for the World Championships !


Unknown said...

wow, linus. turns out you're one of the fastest bloggers out there to post results. musta been that loud conversation saturday night, eh?

Linus Törsäter said...

What ? Can't hear you - my ears are still ringing.

Seriously- congrats again Ben.

Ben Kaminsky said...

Too many Ben's in coffee...

It had to be the cheeky wink shot? I guess I do it to myself.

Good to finally meet you Linus. See you soon.

-Ben k.

Linus Törsäter said...

Of course it had to be the wink shot, you are an elegant man, have to show it on picture.
And congrats again (I really don´t mind doing this forever).

And Ben Chemunbal (that is your second name from now on) - really enjoyed to chat with you though my ears are still ringing. I guess I am more of a pictures guy, it is so much quicker than writing.