Monday, November 24, 2008

Liv and David wins Coppa di Nesta

We are very proud that our good Colleague Liv Akne Andersson and her friend David Ågren on Sunday 23rd won the Barista Competition - Coppa di Nesta - in Malmö, Sweden.

You can read more about their performance on Dan Stenquist blog or on soon!

Our congratulations to Liv and David!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, once more!
It was a pleasure to compete agains you.

Check out for report and a lot of pictures from the competition.

/Johan @ Team Bad Coffee

Anonymous said...

So cool! I love those two, they are the best, THE BEST!

40041062Swede said...
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40041062Swede said...

Congratulations in order Liv and Big D! Don't forget where you came from now that you are famous!

Posted a recap of the day on our blog.

Dan Stenqvist said...

We are a few geeks that will have a nice day in Copenhagen on tuesday. We will show up at the collective in the afternoon. See ya!