Sunday, June 22, 2008

Award for Coffee Excellence

In the evening Saturday 21st we were awarded with the SCAE prize for Coffee Excellence in the category of Young Entrepreneurs!

We are very proud to get this award from the SCAE after just being in business for less than 1 year! It gives us comfort that we are on the right track (and yes we will make sure to keep our feets on the earth;-)!

Thanks to everyone who's supported us in this beginning, to our families and friends and to the farmers we have been so fortunate to work together with.


Jason said...
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Jason said...
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Jason said...

Congrats guys !!

EPO said...

you are the greatest!! congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

There is something really wrong with that picture. Casper is wearing a collared button up shirt???

It seems collectively you've done half a years work over the last week and somehow managed to give undivided attention to so many from around the world.

Just imagine the vacation you could take if you paid yourself for the 21 hrs a day you're each putting in.

It has been a blessing to get a glimpse in the life of the collective. I think you also win the award for being the #1 MUST VISIT destination for coffee visitors to Copenhagen this week.

Congratulations! Again.

Anonymous said...

stort grattis till casper och kollektivet! tove

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to each one, so well deserved. You rolled out the red carpet for us during our visit to Copenhagen last week and we thank you for your hospitatlity.

May you continue forward in your successes and accomplishments.

Kudos! Evie Martinez