Friday, November 9, 2007

Field Trip Ethiopia 2007 - 2

After several days with cupping in Addis Ababa I found two coffees that were amazing - they had a sweetness and cleanliness I have never had similar in any Ethiopian coffee - especially we cupped an incredible clean natural yergacheffe-1. Gr. 1 coffees from Ethiopia are very rare and then this was even a Natural! At the same time as being very sweet and clean they carried some of the beautifull floralness in the washed and fruityness in the Natural that is found in the best Ethiopian coffees. They came from a mill in Yergacheffe!

Tomorrow we will go and look up the mill to meet the people behind these fantastic coffees!

In the cupping room where we found the beautifull coffees we also found this machine very little typical of cupping rooms.

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